Geoglyphs artwork to design landscape gardens

Geoglyphs artwork to design landscape gardens

Next Saturday 15 July, Nerang EdibleScapeS (NESS) will explore geoglyphs artwork application to design landscape gardens.

In the next three months, between July and September, NESS will run creative workshops to mock-up a proposed Edible Forest Landscape Gardens Design. The geoglyphs artwork will be illustrated temporarily and designed with an organic material palette, painting the landscape lawn like a mural on the parkland field.

Composted soil, coffee ground, and mulch are the main choice of organic materials that will be used as well as Jean Pots to mark trees positions. Jean Pots are a NESS’ upcycling concept to reuse denim jeans to produce biodegradable pots, an alternative to plastic pots.

The aim of NESS is to present a full geoglyphs landscape artwork design during the Botanical Bazaar Gold Coast Gardening Expo on the 3rd Sept. The garden, arts community and you, are all welcome to explore with NESS the geoglyph garden landscape artwork design in the next 3 months workshop at Country Paradise Parkland.

The first workshop will held on 15 July at 8:30pm. All welcome. For more information see


If you are interested in being part of NESS team as a support or volunteer please email to: or contact: Cathy Beard at Phone: 0428 816173

Nerang Ediblescapes
Edible Forest Landscape Project

Date & Time
Saturday, 15 July 2017 08:30